Market Street in February

February 16, 2017 0 By jstefanphoto

I was in San Francisco for a few days and had free time one evening to walk down Market Street. To me, Market Street has one of the most unique vibes in the country. It’s a three mile stretch that starts at the waterfront and ends at Twin Peaks. There’s a widely diverse population cruising up and down Market Street day and night, both culturally and economically. It’s crowded day and night, even in this cold month of February.

It’s old and hip. Merchant hawing their wares stand in front of their storefronts.

This shot to me characterizes a lot of what Market Street is all about. An indifference to habit and current norms. There’s a cool live and let live attitude that runs under the surface here.

As I mentioned, very much live a let live vibe.

Market Street at night asks to be shot in black and white. Market Street possess a combination of the dark and worn but portrays a sense of hip enlightenment.

You can walk alone on Market Street but not feel alone. It’s one of the few streets in a major city that provides that.