Our Udemy Courses

The Essentials of 35mm Black and White Film Photography on Udemy.com

Our first course, The Essentials of 35mm Film Photography is available on Udemy.com. It teaches you how to select and use 35mm cameras, how to compose shots, how to develop negatives and process negatives in Lightroom and Photoshop to produce striking images you will be proud of. Click here to check it out and for a discount coupon: 35mm Photography Course and Discount Coupon

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Using Used Digital Cameras on  Udemy.com

This course provides an inexpensive pathway to digital photography using cameras such as a Canon 10D, 30D, T2i and 7D. These are robust, versatile cameras that cost very little. The course covers how to select the camera right for you, shooting modes and settings, lenses and image post processing, shooting with on-board and off-board flash, and much more.